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baken Documentation


Visualisation of European VHF/UHF and microwave beacons
The idea behind baken is to allow for the visualisation of European VHF/UHF
and microwave beacons on a map of Europe. As input it takes the file
produced by G3UUT the Region 1 Beacon Co-ordinator, and attempts to extract
the beacon data from it.
Most of the program is simple of understand. At any given time the map shows
the beacons for any one band from 50 MHz to 47 GHz. By moving the mouse to a
square and clicking the left mouse button, another window opens displaying
the beacons in that square in more detail, and any cities to be found lying
about. By moving the mouse near to a beacon, information about the
beacon is displayed in a window below the map.
There is an option to display a list of all the beacons in the current band,
sorted by frequency, with their frequencies, callsigns, locators and their
bearings and distances.
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